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Unraveling Human Weight Gain: Can We Triumph in this Battle?

Exploring the Root Causes and Reprogramming our Approach to Weight Management (Part 1 of the Weight Gain Series)

It may seem at times as a “mission impossible” for many of us these days, when it has to do with losing weight. We are all aware of special diets, exercise programs and supplementation, yet we all at some point in our lives are affected with this so-called epidemic of our century.  For many of us, despite enormous efforts, self discipline and self restrictions, our weight boomerangs back no matter what, sometimes even more than before.  Why does nothing seem to be working in regards to your weight?

It almost seems that Weight grows by itself and we are the victims of our time. There are some people that would say that they are the victims and this is why many of us give up before even trying. In this light people learn to blame everyone and everything that they can: stress, climate, pollution, cosmic radiation, the government that allows GMO, pesticides, genetcts, parents and many more factors. The key word is blaming vs claiming responsibility.  We live in the time when we want to claim responsibility for our own actions.  As in fact it doesn’t matter whose fault it is, but rather how we can correct it.

The first step will be to look at the root of the problem, not at the post effect or symptom.  What if you knew that our body never makes mistakes?  It is extremely intelligent to the point that it is designed to survive despite all our circumstances or “abuse” that we often put it through, such as starvation, alcohol, nicotine poisoning, caffeine, sleep deprivation, reaction to stress, and other chemical, emotional and physical trials.  Your body is designed to survive no matter what.

What if you knew that the core problem that we are all going through is deep coded in our DNA and therefore in mind?  What if you knew that it can be undone or changed or simply uncoded and reprogrammed?  Would you still choose to be a victim? Luckily, there is such a knowledge and it is known for many, but not widely published for several reasons.  So, are you ready to find out how to be lean, the way you want to be? Are you ready to wear those perfect and sexy skinny jeans several sizes smaller, which you secretly keep in your closet and refuse to throw away, subconsciously knowing that you can wear it again?  So get comfortable and get notes as you need to go throught a lot of different fields of science to get to this information again.

Apparently, there are four emotional traumas based on biological conflicts that restrict you from your desired figure.  These four biological conflicts that happened during your life: conscious or unconscious.  You can call it “mistakes” or “errors” in perceiving or relating to life are the magical switch that makes us fat, ill and less attractive.  Fortunately these emotional traumas can be worked on and reprogrammed in your brain and mind.  There are two methods that will help you with that; Neurofeedback and Regression Therapy.

Luckily, there is a practitioner Yana Sorsher, MSW, who is utilizing both of these methods. She has been working in the psychology/social work field since the 1990’s. Yana Sorsher earned her Bachelor in Medicine degree from Kiev University. She completed her internships in the cardiology and psychology departments at Kiev Regional Hospital. This is where her interest in the psychological field flourished and in 1991, Yana received her Masters in Psychology and Teaching from the Kiev Government University.

In 1992, Yana immigrated with her family into the United States as a Jewish refugee from the former Soviet Union, more specifically Kiev, Ukraine. She gained employment working for the Department of Children and Families(DCF) in the Foster Care and Adoption Unit. In 1995, she was chosen to continue her education in a title IV-E program at Florida International University. In 1997, she graduated with a Master’s in Social Work where she helped pioneer the restructuring of DCF’s initial clinical child assessment into a triage structure. In 2000, Yana began her journey into neurofeedback. Today, 23 years later, she is among South Florida’s most experienced providers of Neurofeedback EEG based brain training, Peak performance and QEEG.

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