I noticed that more and more women are wanting the look of Korean eyebrows. If you don’t know what Korean eyebrows are, Google it and I am positive you will find a wealth of information about it.

The main thing about Korean eyebrows is that they are meant to be full, soft-looking, and straight. So no arch, nothing like the “Instagram Brows” we often see everywhere. And yes yes, I am guilty of the Instagram Brows. Hey, I can’t help it! I love to experiment with makeup and see how certain looks will look on me. Some days they turn out okay, some days I look like a Victoria Secret model (or so I like to think), and some days I end up scaring my husband. There’s good days and bad days.

So on the right is an example of what Korean eyebrows look like and how they instantly make a face look so much more youthful and innocent.

The thin brows on the left makes her look older (and by older, I mean more mature) still beautiful— but older than the picture on the right.

Here’s another YouTube video I found on Microblading, but this time, Korean brows are the topic. I found it very helpful and she explains very well how often touch-ups can be done, how to properly do your after-care, and the experience overall.

Note that Eyebrow Microblading is very popular in the UK, Europe, Asia, and Australia. It is now just beginning to get its much needed recognition in the US and Canada.

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