Fat freezing treatment before and after

Advantages, disadvantages, contraindications of operations Fat freezing
The difference between surgical methods Fat Reduction is the use of different types of destruction and removal of fat cells from the body. Their principle is reduced to the surgeon making miniature incisions (up to 1 cm) in the corrected treatment areas of the abdomen, inserting liposuction tubes (cannulas) into them, vacuum suction of fat. The main advantage of the operation is the ability to remove a large amount of fat (3-4kg). before and after

The advantage of vacuum is that excess belly fat is removed with maximum accuracy. But this method is very traumatic for animals, it is accompanied by high blood loss, swelling, and a long period of rehabilitation.

The laser method of correction of the abdomen passes without blood loss, requires a lot of surgical experience. There is a danger of burning neighboring tissues, internal organs, getting skin burns with their subsequent scarring.

Ultrasound allows you to remove up to 5-6kg of fat at a time. But the removal of a large volume of the fat layer involved in homeostasis (maintaining the balance of the internal environment of the body) can lead to a fatal outcome.

Among the general contraindications to surgery

Coolsculpting double chin arms stomach legs treatment

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serious somatic diseases (pneumonia, hepatitis, purulent inflammation in the correction sites, etc.). Getting
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You can correct the abdomen without Fat Reduction surgery with a laser or ultrasound. The surgeon drives a special device over the problem area. Ultrasound tuned to low frequencies destroys only fat, and the laser also penetrates strictly to a predetermined depth without causing other damage, except in fat cells. arms stomach legs The injury rate is minimal. Fat is excreted naturally through legs treatment the blood, lymph.

Removing fat from the abdomen without surgery is recommended for people who do not suffer from a large excess of weight. The methods effectively eliminate fat from small areas in small volumes (up to 0.5 liters). A series of operations will bring more tangible results.

Tightening Treatment

Tightening Facial Treatment – Know the different treatment options

Sagging jowls or a turkey neck can happen to anyone due to age. However, there are some safe and natural ways to tone down the sagging skin, irrespective of the cause. Tightening the facial skin can be achieved through eating healthy foods, using skin-firming creams, doing facial exercises, using a facial mask, or opting for the Thermage treatments.

Tightening facial Treatment through creams

Skin tightening creams offered by Raas Aesthetics are prepared to manufacture more collagen. Even though collagen does not assist creepy skin to bounce back, it supports the skin so that drooping is less apparent. You can assist skin to produce lots of collagen through Skin tightening creams, which contain powerful antioxidants and skin-fixing ingredients. Having a tightening facial treatment through creams that contain glycolic acid or salicylic acid can offer better results. In conjunction with exfoliating for softer skin, these ingredients construct more collagen and can assist firm the skin to some extent.

Facial exercises

If you would like to tighten your facial skin through a nonsurgical way, doing some facial exercises is the ideal way to achieve that. Usually, the muscles in the face form a base for the skin. Wherever the muscles go, the skin also goes over them, meaning if the facial muscles lose tone, the facial skin will also follow suit and droop. As exercising the muscles for the rest of your body improves their tone, the assumption behind facial exercises for making the skin tighter is that exercising them will definitely tone them up and can make the facial skin tight.

Thermage treatment

A Thermage treatment offered at Raas Aesthetics is a nonsurgical radiofrequency skin procedure that aims to smooth, to make the sagging skin more rigid and to reduce the emergence of wrinkles by stimulating the manufacture of collagen. The treatment offers users a permanent effect as it is done with high intensity radiofrequency. It is the most recognized technology and it offers sustainable anti-aging effects. Some of the benefits of the Thermage treatment include:

  • The treatment offers skin tightening with the safe and painless non-invasive RF energy.
  • It tones and tightens the sagging skin on the face and on the neck, as well.
  • The treatment involves no downtime after the procedure.

The Thermage treatment is the most preferred option for the sagging skin because it involves no pain besides offering a stable result. However, it needs some upholding treatments after the procedure.

Fat loss Treatment

Three things you need to achieve a healthy fat loss

Fat loss is a preferable word for those, particularly for obese people, who have tried a variety of ways to reduce their body fat. However, the good news for them is that they can also achieve fat loss everlastingly without waking on an empty stomach, doing exercises six times per week, and feeling starving constantly or sacrificing their preferred foods everlastingly, and without costly supplements. The truth is that these people need only three things to lose their loaded body fat. These three things include healthy nutrition, strength training, and cardio. Here are some simple, resourceful fat loss plans, so you can eliminate your body fat in an amazing way, at the same time as having a healthy life.

Healthy nutrition

Healthy nutrition means eating 90% of unprocessed foods because these foods almost come in their natural condition without added fats, sugars, and sauces. You can purchase raw foods and you yourself can cook them according to your flavor and needs. These foods offer the essential nutrients to construct and uphold muscle, so you do not get thin and fat.

Add foods, which are rich in protein, fiber, vitamins, water, and minerals with your daily diet. Consume protein-rich foods, such as poultry, beef, fish, whey, dairy, etc., daily. These foods also satiate and they have the maximum thermal effect.

Add sufficient amounts of veggies and fruits, such as spinach, broccoli, asparagus, kale, oranges, apples, etc., with each of your meal.

Eat only healthy fats because they do not make you obese and will assist you to get the necessary strength to perform your workouts. Eating foods rich in healthy fats, such as olive oil, fish oil and mixed nuts will satiate you and make you feel full because they slow down the digestion.

When you feel thirsty, you may feel hungry. During that time, instead of drinking soda and fruit juice, drink two cups water with each of your meal and drink water during the workout sessions. You can also drink water and green tea with a squeezed lemon.

Strength training

Strength training will assist you to get a stronger physique and will assist you to burn unwanted fats from your body. This is because the strength preparation boosts cardiovascular health, makes the joints and bones stronger, constructs muscle, and perks up flexibility, including assisting you to lose the unwanted fat.

More strength means more muscle. The power training constructs muscle and it stops muscle loss while burning fat. The training also increases your metabolic rate, meaning it allows you to burn more body fat.

Follow the workout plan and diet because it will optimistically affect your consumption habits. You will get greatest results by performing a free weight regimen of compound workouts, such as Deadlifts and Squats.


By no means, do cardio alone because surplus cardio may burn muscle, rather than fat. It is useful to add cardio with healthy nutrition and strength training to accelerate the fat loss. Perform the cardio in a moderate way because your aim is fat loss, not fatigue. First, start with a 15-minute cardio exercise, thrice a week. Then increase to 3×45-minute workout per week by adding one-minute each workout. There are several cardio workout machines available in the marketplace, so you can choose the one that best suits your health conditions and needs.


Whether you are obese or an ordinary individual who would like to achieve a healthy fat loss, these three simple, amazing ways will assist you to achieve your goals. Therefore, do not waste your time and money counting calories because you will not get fat-consuming unprocessed foods. Just make your stomach full with your personally prepared food, so you have better control over your ingredients. Following these three simple routines will make you achieve a healthy fat loss within a month.

Double chin & wrinkles

Know the safer treatment options for your double chin and wrinkles

What is a double chin and wrinkle?

When people age, they will likely start observing the expansion of wrinkles on their chin. During the process of aging, the skin will turn into thinner and more brittle because of the slowdown of the production of oil. This makes the skin turn into dry, which increases the emergence of wrinkles on the face, neck, etc. Wrinkles on the face and neck can be in the form of folds, lines, or creases in the chin part. If you boast a double chin, it indicates that you have surplus fat below your chin and the throat. The fat will construct the skin droop and produce a wrinkle, which is known as the double chin.  If this happens, you are supposed to opt for a safe, nonsurgical treatment to reduce the existence of the double chin.

Treatments options for double chin & wrinkles

Raas Aesthetics offers a variety of safe and nonsurgical treatment options with suitable counsel to eliminate your double chin and wrinkles. Some of the effective and easy ways to resolve this problem include:

Exfoliation: Exfoliating your skin on a customary basis will assist you to decrease the odds of the appearance of the chin wrinkles.

Exercises: Performing some simple neck exercises will increase the blow flow to your chin, thus you can eliminate the emergence of lines on your face and neck.

Vitamin C: Including Vitamin C-rich diets, such as those rich in antioxidants and omega acids regularly in your daily diet will work to revitalize your skin naturally and will eliminate wrinkles on your face due to aging.

Moisturizing: You have to moisturize your chin daily to get rid of and put off the emergence of wrinkles.

How does Thermage prevent double chin and wrinkles?

Thermage is a nonsurgical radiofrequency treatment that can deal with the feel and the look of aging skin on several areas of your body. At Raas Aesthetics, this treatment is tailored according to your requirements, and it is being offered with minimum recovery time. It is a great solution if you would like to have a smoother, sleeker, and younger skin, but cannot afford more time, then this treatment is an ideal on for you to eliminate your double chin and wrinkles. As you age, phrases, such as loose jowls, turkey neck, sagging skin will creep in. the Thermage treatment will smoothen the wrinkles and lines and it remodels collagen for the general health of your facial skin, thus reducing double chin and wrinkles.

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