Body tightening in Miami

Body tightening is a procedure that changes the shape of different regions of the body. It is usually done after substantial weight loss and it refers to a sequence of procedures that can get rid of or reduce surplus fat and skin that remains after formerly obese people have lost a considerable amount of weight, in various body areas, including the upper arms, torso, thighs, and chest. It makes an individual to turn back the clock and gain the new, youthful skin of a cheery adolescent again.

Why should you prefer a nonsurgical body tightening?

Nonsurgical body tightening is a rapidly increasing field. Common techniques used for this treatment at Raas Aesthetics include cryolipolysis, low -level laser therapy, radiofrequency energy, high-frequency focused ultrasound, and suction massage. Currently, surgeons are capable of using non-invasive technology to accomplish a decrease in size of specific body areas, augmented tone in lax or superfluous skin and a reduced look of cellulite

The body tightening method of Raas Aesthetics stimulates the manufacture of fresh collagen and improves the texture of the surface of the skin. These treatments can be done to treat wrinkled, baggy skin anywhere on your body. The procedure is often used for toning loose, thin, and crepe-like skin frequently found on the abdomen, thighs, neck, arms, and face, which is usually found post-surgery, post losing weight, or postnatal. Some of the benefits of this type of body tightening treatment include:

  • It treats smaller body regions with a three-dimensional body treatment that offers profound, volumetric dermal heating.
  • The treatment causes smoother skin and a more attractive curve through t collagen stimulation
  • This procedure uses clinically established radiofrequency technology, so it will not produce any side effects.
  • You can take pleasure in a non-invasive procedure without soreness or downtime.
  • It offers improved effects on smaller body regions, such as the neck, chest, lower jaw, knees, and upper arms.

Patients demand for noninvasive, nonsurgical, and no downtime body tightening has developed considerably over the past decade because of the introduction of new treatments and technologies.

Nonsurgical treatment options for body tightening

luxaesthetika offers customers three common options for the nonsurgical body tightening. After evaluating the quality of the skin of the patient, and the body area being treated, the plastic surgeon will decide the option that is best suitable for the particular situation of the patient and will suggest an approach, derived from the aesthetic goals of the patient. These treatment options include:

Radiofrequency skin tightening and lifting

Radiofrequency: This treatment will heat only the profound layer of the skin of the patient, without damaging the epidermis or the external skin layer of the skin. The natural wound healing response of the body of the patient will result in the collagen transforms in the skin, which causes the body tightening. Usually, a sequence of treatments is performed.


Ultrasound: These body-tightening treatments focus on passing ultrasonic power to the dermal layer or the profound layer of the skin of the patient. The skin over the focus point and tissue beneath the focus point are secluded. New collagen increase is inspired, which slowly lifts and makes the skin tauter. Similar to intense pulsed light and radiofrequency treatments, manifold treatments may be required.

Intense pulsed light

Intense pulsed light: In this treatment, defending eye covering will be provided to treat some areas, such as the face. A handpiece is employed to handle a nonstop cooling when an infrared light heats the profound dermis or the profound layer of the skin of the patient. This treatment may be performed with one or more passes.


In recent years, nonsurgical body tightening procedures have turned out to be extremely popular, as they offer a safe substitute to more invasive methods for correcting skin slackness and perking up the quality of the skin on the body. Nowadays, most plastic surgeons choose among many different tools and technologies that offer noninvasive body tightening solutions.

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