Are they real? Certainly not!

But are they beautiful? You bet!

Welcome to the world of fanned-out and fluffy lashes! You’re about to save yourself a lot of time in the morning without having to fight with the lash curler and mascara!

Lash Extension have become very popular in the last decade and thankfully, it has evolved in terms of what we knew about them then, and what we know about them now. Gone are the days when Lash Artists were taught to slap on any length and weight they felt like slapping onto the client’s lashes (yikes!) without the actual logic of natural lash weight vs. lash extension weight. In today’s lash world, the best Artists are educated, trained, and keep up with the new trends and know-how of Lash Artistry. You know the saying, “You get what you pay for”? This is most certainly true with our Lash Artists today. Only the best in the industry will know their worth because not only are they fully educated and updated, but they will also treat your natural lashes like gold to ensure that they will always have your healthy natural lashes to work their magic on. Remember, no natural lash = no lash extensions.

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