Consultations are very important to us, and as much as possible, we would like to ensure that our clients schedule one for themselves prior to every major procedure (Microblading, Microneedling, and Phototherapy).

We have a pre-qualification standard to confirm that the client is in good health and of sound mind prior to undergoing their procedure. This will safeguard both parties from any disappointment, or rather, any serious health-damaging effects should the client not be a suitable candidate for the said procedure. We like knowing that both sides are always on the same page and that the client knows exactly what to expect.

NOTE: Please do not wear any makeup to your Microneedling or Phototherapy consultation. We need to be able to see your skin in its most natural state in order to give a proper assessment. If your consultation is for Microblading, you may come in with your brows already done how you normally draw them on a daily basis so that we can see what your comfort level is in terms of thickness and colour. 

At your consultation you will be completing a Health Consent form as well as submit to an allergy patch test. We will also go over pre and post care instructions with you so that your overall treatment is commenced to a satisfactory level from the beginning to the end. Your consultation is also your chance to ask all of the questions you might have; our Medical Aestheticians would be more than happy to address all of your concerns.

* Please be advised that there is a $30 fee for all consultations. The fee is waived should the client decide to forego the procedure.

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