Laser Hair Removal in Miami

The Epila Laser hair removal system is barely much bigger than an electric razor. This is the first laser for hair removal that can be used at home. This is a device that shines a laser directly onto the skin, and the pigment called melanin absorbs the energy generated by the laser and heats up around the hair follicles. It works when the heat damages the hair follicles, thus making it impossible for the hair to grow back in the treated area. Learn more about steps on how to use the Epila laser hair removal system:

Using the Epila Laser Hair Removal System

Step #1: Learn more about how it became popular.

Epila laser hair removal has been gaining popularity since it was first introduced in the market. This is now the latest trend of laser hair removal that can be used even without the assistance of a doctor and can be done in the comforts of your own home. This technology is based on the scientific findings on laser improvement. This is conveniently small and uses 808nm wavelength laser that infiltrates deeply into the hair root, thus making it 80% effective in hair removal.

Step #2: Consult your doctor about Epila laser hair removal system before you plan to use it.

Although this system is for home use, The Epila laser hair removal is still a laser and it should be used with caution. That’s why it is still important to ask your doctor about it. Your doctor will need to review your records and medical history and know whether there is significance or risks to you if you will be using the hair removal system. Also, the doctors may give you advice or information based from other patients who may have used the Epila system, or just added information for you to know about the device. It’s better to be sure than have regrets later on for carelessness.

Step #3: If you have all the means to research about the product, do it!

Research is a good idea to know more about the product that you plan to use, or just to find out if the product is right for you. Like for example, the manufacturer says that the product works best for people who have dark hair and light skin. Then it means that for people who have light hair and dark skin tones, maybe a different treatment or product might suit them better. And you should not only concentrate on positive comments on TV ads, but also ask people who have tried using the product for other testimonials.

Step #4: Make some comparisons.

If you decide to try the Epila laser home removal, it is best to visit stores and compare prices before you buy. Look for the stores that offer the best deals because Epila lasers are not that cheap. When you get one, make sure to read all the instructions carefully to ensure that you’ll get the best result.

For optimum results, you have to wait for your normal skin color to come back because over tanning and dyed hair are some of the factors that may affect the procedure. This is because lasers such as those found in the Epila laser hair removal system could only react well to dark colored hair

Electrolysis Hair Removal Advantages and Disadvantages: Let’s Weigh the Facts


Electrolysis Hair Removal Advantages and Disadvantages

Pro #1: Electrolysis is an effective treatment option for permanent hair removal.

This is done by the use of a hair thin metal probe which is inserted directly into the hair follicle. This device uses an electric current to deliver electricity through the port which will cause the damage to the area that generates hair, thus reducing the growth of unwanted hair.

Pro #2: Electrolysis is safe.

It is a proven method for permanent hair removal. It has a very less chance of hair re-growth after completing the full course of treatment. And unlike lasers, the electrolysis method is also effective for all types of skins and all types of hair.

Pro #3: It is cheaper than other methods.

When it comes to the cost, electrolysis is cheaper in the long run compared to other methods because the results are usually permanent. Traditional methods may be cheaper but it requires you to constantly upkeep the procedure and the cost.

Pro #4: It works for any skin type.

The electrolysis hair removal method also has the ability to target wider range of skin colors effectively. A person with darker skin can’t be treated using a laser, but electrolysis can do the job.

Pro #5: It destroys the hair cells.

Another advantage of an electrolysis method is that it doesn’t only destroy the hair follicle but hair growing cells as well. If the area is small, treatment can be done overtime.

Con #1: There are some side effects.

The disadvantages associated with electrolysis may include temporary pain and swelling, because each hair is treated individually and this is an invasive procedure. Some problems may also include scarring and infection, especially for Asians and person with black skins although these occurrences are very rare. And because it is somehow painful, you cannot treat the area in one single session.

Con #2: The electrolysis method is also time consuming.

It often requires numerous treatment sessions over months or even years to permanently remove hair, especially if the area being treated is large. Redness in the area or skin soreness may be experience and will last for a few hours after each treatment.

Let us weigh in. Electrolysis hair removal usually removes hair permanently but one may feel some pain during the procedure and it also requires a lot of time. The duration of the process will depend on the area being treated, thickness or thinness of the hair, the curvature of the hair follicle, the sensitivity of the skin, and the hormonal balance. Undergoing this kind of treatment may also require you to repeat it twice or once a year.

How to Learn about the Dangers of Electrolysis Hair Removal


Dangers of Electrolysis Hair Removal

Tip #1: The Possibilities of Electric Shock and Burning

Once you undergo with an electric current or laser, or anything that delivers a strong blast of heat, you have to expect a risk of electric shock and burning. Most providers claim that electrolysis is 100% pain-free. However this will still depend on the sensitivity of one’s skin. Another thing is that if the provider is not well experienced and commits a mistake, then the electric charge that is delivered to the hair follicle can burn the skin that cause shock to the patient.

Tip #2: The Possibilities of Infection

Infection might occur just after the electrolysis treatment or after a few years of the treatment. It might also increase the severity of an existing infection. In some cases that the electrolysis is done without too much precaution or without taking hygiene into account, the infection can be spread from one patient to another or from the patient to the provider. This will then lead to infection.

Tip #3: The Possibilities of Scarring and Formation of Debris under the Skin

Electrolysis, if not done properly, may leave pitted, round scarring on your skin. The needle should be inserted in a way so as to avoid swelling of the hair follicle as well as to prevent the destruction of the surrounding tissue. Once this occurs, permanent scarring can result. One more danger of electrolysis is that debris can be embedded under the skin. When the hair follicle is destroyed, whatever remains will be pushed out of the skin but in some cases, debris can become embedded under the skin which can lead to infection and scarring on the surface of the skin.

Tip #4: The Possibilities of Pigment Alteration

Expect a chance of pigment alteration after electrolysis most especially to patients with dark skin. This can cause blotches and discoloration to several parts of the skin. Improper application of electrolysis can also lead to skin lightening and this condition can often be permanent. When this happens, you may have no choice but invest in some treatments that may cost you a lot of money.

Knowing the dangers of electrolysis hair removal will help you understand what not and what to avoid during the treatment. If you are not sure about whether or not you can try this on your own, better seek the help of experts when conducting the process. Better yet, forego of it especially if it is not really a necessary procedure you should undergo at the moment.

Electrolysis vs Laser Hair Removal

Comparing Laser Hair Removal with another Procedure

You will see the different method for the first time and you will know something about laser hair removal technique offer you some benefits to choose. Which way that you need to follow, electrolysis vs laser hair removal will give you some options. Otherwise, more people still believe on laser technique, because it will completely make the unwanted hair on your skin will be vanish and gone forever. Electrolysis procedure sometimes makes your skin feel hurt and you do not have maximal result too. After you know something about the benefit choice, now you can free to choose what kind of technique that you like to use.

Choose One: Electrolysis or Laser Technique

When you need to choose one of technique from electrolysis vs laser hair removal, many people will choose the hair removal with laser technique. That is not true if someone say that electrolysis is not a good one, but if you want to get better effect and better result, laser technique should become a good answer for you. Just prepare for the cost, because you only have one chance of the whole of your life maybe, and you do not feel disappointed with the laser hair removal. You can always see the great move of laser technique always follow the right direction of hair removal technique.

Is Electrolysis technique Become the Expensive Choice?

The answer is no, but in relative clause also. When you try to compare of two techniques, electrolysis vs laser hair removal, you will absolutely look the huge different between this two methods. Otherwise, you can get an excellent choice when you need to make it give you the best result too. Electrolysis focus focuses on your skin area and remove some of unwanted hair without makes you fell hurt at all. Although, in the different way, laser hair removal also gives you the benefit choice and that is why much of people still believe in this technique, even the cost of this treatment is very expensive. You can use electrolysis technique as the skin treatment, but to make sure unwanted hair be vanish on your skin and does not appear again, laser hair removal will become the trusted method for you. Just for one reason, electrolysis vs laser hair removal will give the final answer still offer you laser technique as the finest hair removal method. You will get the excellent choice and make your dream become true, you will increase your confidence when the unwanted hair disable completely. Today, you can feel better when you need to remove unwanted hair on your skin. You will get your healthy skin much better now.

How Long Does Laser Hair Removal Last

The Right Procedure to Keep Your Skin Clean

Unwanted hair in your skin area will become the big problem. You cannot feel confidence and you need to get alone when your friend invite you to hanging out at school or some place that make you feel fun. Otherwise, there are so many factors that can keep you stand up perfectly on your foot. Bring the right result of hair removal procedure; you need to choose the good procedure of hair removal technique. Laser hair removal should be the right answer for this problem and know how long does laser hair removal last. It will change your life become well then.

The Effect Time After You Get Laser Hair Removal

Talking about how long does laser hair removal last; you can see the different result. From each person that you meet, there will much different of the laser technique takes time for completing the hair removal procedure. However, the standard procedure will make unwanted hair will disappear perfectly for up to three session of laser procedure. In another word, you need to go three times at the same clinic that you get laser technique for the time, after the last session, you will have permanent result and you can see the cleanest skin. For some people, multiple season of laser hair removal will take time; more cost that people have to spend.

Better Effect of Laser Hair Removal

If you know the positive effect of laser technique as hair removal method, you will feel glad that you choose the right option. It is not talking about side effect but focus on positive that laser technique will give to you. There are some reasons why people who want to remove the unwanted hair, but do not have much money. Waxing or shaving becomes the answer for this problem. Know how long does laser hair removal last, it will help you to prepare the cost that you have to spend. Standard procedure will take more than one time of session, multiple seasons is must. However, you can do better choice on between the procedure session. It will take how long that you can take this procedure to make the unwanted hair disappear completely. There is no time to deal with it, because when you know how long does laser hair removal last, you will prepare something for the bad condition. Multiple sessions of laser hair removal will help you to make unwanted hair be vanishing on your skin. It is good for you and your confidence too. If you realize that your friend always know your problem, this is not reason why you should hiding it fro your friend.

Best Hair Removal Method no 1. Laser Hair Removal IPL

What It Does: one among the additional standard ways in which to get rid of hair is via laser or pulsed light-weight – energy that goes through the hair shaft all the way down to the follicle, where it destroys the hair’s root.

“The hair doesn’t immediately take off throughout a laser treatment. Instead, it weakens and falls out over time as a result of we’ve blown away the foundation,” says dermatologist David Goldberg, MD, director of Skin and Laser Surgery of recent York and New Jersey and therefore the author of a medical textbook on laser hair removal.
Goldberg says the latest laser, referred to as DUET, combines laser with somewhat little bit of suction for even higher results.
“It pulls the hair into the follicle, permitting the beam to penetrate deeper,” says Goldberg.
This means doctors will safely treat larger areas at just one occasion and additional comfortably for the patient, he says.

Best For : IPL Laser hair removal are often done anywhere on the body. the simplest candidates are girls with dark hair and light-weight skin. Lasers will not work on white hair, and that they are a lot of less effective on blond hair, that Goldberg says typically responds best to electrolysis.
While most lasers work on the skin of Hispanics, only one, referred to as the Nd:YAG, is safe for black skin. All alternative hair removal lasers increase the danger of hyperpigmentation (dark spots), furthermore as burning and scarring, which may cause the creation of keloids (scar tissue).

How Long It Takes : it always needs 5-7 sessions, with a touch-up regarding once a year thereafter.

Cost : the value runs between $150 and $500, or generally additional looking on what number treatments are required.

Best Hair Removal Method no 2. Electrolysis

the sole methodology of hair removal that’s permitted to be known as “permanent,” electrolysis uses a little needle that slides down into the hair follicle till it reaches the cells accountable for hair growth.

“Electrolysis destroys the cells that cause the hair to grow. The hair can unharness and slide right out and it will not grow back there once more — it’s permanent removal,” says Patsy Kirby, government director of the yankee Electrology Association in Bodega Bay, Calif.

The process are often uncomfortable, however native anesthetic creams will facilitate.

Best For : Like different types of hair removal, it’s safe to try and do electrolysis anywhere on the body, though Kirby says the foremost common place for ladies is that the face.

How Long It Takes : Though the system needs that the removal be done hair-by-hair, Kirby says it isn’t as daunting a task because it might sound. “It will take up to twenty five sessions, reckoning on what quantity you wish removed, however every session might solely be five or ten minutes long,” says Kirby.

Cost: prices run between $40 and $90 per treatment, with ten to twenty five treatments (or more) typically necessary for permanent, lasting results.

Potential downside : Electrolysis will cause small scars where the needle is inserted. Though for many individuals they heal unnoticed, for blacks it means that an increased risk of hyperpigmentation and formation of keloids. Thus, it isn’t suggested for this skin sort.

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Diode Laser Hair Removal

What is diode laser hair removal

Recently, Diode Laser Hair Removal has became most popular than electrolysis , it is because the diode laser hair removal has the treatment which zeroes in on the pigment of the hair- chiefly, the pigment located within the hair shaft and hair follicle. The pigment attracts the light emitted by the laser,  it is the energy of this light which gets converted to heat. That is how the hair follicle gets decimated.

How does diode laser hair removal works

The beauty of diode laser hair removal treatment is that it covers a vast patch of the hairy area unlike other treatments like electrolysis which obliterate each hair follicle one by one. If all this sounds somewhat daunting and risky, don’t worry. The diode laser treatment is both safe and painless. The laser gets switched on or pulsed for less than a second, which is long enough to render inoperative a single hair follicle. The cooling tip of the laser instrument is designed to render the hair removal experience painless or almost painless. What you get is a ‘tingling’ feeling or a slight stinging sensation, especially when the more sensitive areas are being treated. After the treatment, some people could feel a sensation which comes after sunburn for a few hours.

Personal home diode laser hair removal System

Have you ever heard home diode laser hair removal System? one of the best of home hair removal product is EPILA SI-808, it is a 808 nanometer (nm) wavelength diode laser hair removal designed to be used in the comfort of your own home.The 808 nanometer (nm) wavelength is currently being used by clinics worldwide for permanent hair removal. making it safe for in-home use. It is simple to use, power the device and start moving it over the desired treatment area. As Epila is moved over the skin, it emits light energy that is absorbed by the melanin pigment, resulting in rapid heating of the hair follicle. The heat destroys the papillae (hair follicles) that are responsible for hair growth. Epila uses a diode laser which has a longer wavelength than other lasers used for hair removal, which means will even work on darker, more pigmented skin types. On average, one session treating an entire leg should take less than an hour and should be painless, but if you experience discomfort, you can switch to a lower setting. Since the area treated will be extremely sensitive for a few days, it is wise to wear both protective clothing and sun block whenever you’re outside. In addition, plan to limit your sun exposure for a day or two after the treatment, as you can expect some slight swelling and redness. These side effects should disappear within a day and can be soothed with an ice-pack included with Epila.

But if you are the first timer want to use it, I suggest you to read laser hair removal risks first, to avoid the risks of the product of home diode laser hair removal System.

Laser Hair Removal

Know Much More about Laser Hair Removal

Better Procedure to Clean Unwanted Hair

Laser hair removal becomes the top solution to clean up the unwanted hair on whole of your body. If you ask something, does laser hair removal hurt, the answer is definitely “no”, you can only see the laser light directly hit your skin, and that is all. After that, let the laser begin the procedure and make your skin free from unwanted hair. Laser hair removal also good for any man or woman, it would change your conventional procedure such as waxing and shaving. Say goodbye for those procedure, because you will have permanent result when you use laser hair removal completely.

Can Laser Hair Removal Spend Much Cost?

Yes, it can. However, you do not have to feel disappointed at all, because this procedure should give you the trusted result without let the unwanted hair still growth on your skin area. There is a little different between waxing and laser hair removal, you can keep you skin clean without feeling pain at all, that is why laser hair removal become the top choice. Now, if someone asking you, does laser hair removal hurt or not, you can say it is not painful method. The new technology bring the better solution, you can only feel soft burned on your skin area.

Better Technology of Hair Removal Method

Laser hair removal should change your habit. From conventional habit to the better technology, let yourself free from waxing and shaving method, those methods could not give you the best result, as same as laser hair removal. Otherwise, does laser hair removal hurt become a big question for someone who just takes this procedure as the first time, if you asking this question to someone else, maybe the effect different from each person. However, one thing for sure is laser hair removal will take cares your unwanted hair by using the right procedure. This is the new method to keep your skin always healthy without feel hurt from waxing method. Know something much better than other person; it would change your habit to clean up unwanted hair by using waxing or shaving procedure. Now, you can have healthy skin without feeling any pain, just tickle and maybe you do not feel any pain at all. The effect will different from each person, according the the skin type of yours. However, does laser hair removal hurt always become a big question to someone else that just makes it as the first method, keep your skin always gets the right solution and fees free from any pain.

Laser Hair Removal in Miami FL

Excessive facial hair can be caused by a genetic predisposition or hormonal changes in the body. Puberty is generally the time which can on-set excessive hair production on all areas of body. Some steroid based medicines can also cause excessive hair growth which may be temporary or permanent. However, whatever may be the cause, hair removal remains a leading cosmetic concern and people seek all manners of feasible hair removal solutions.

We are crazy about appearing good-looking. No matter what comes our way, we are always on the lookout to attain perfection with our skin, hair and everything else that we connect with beauty. Thanks to time crunches, growing levels of stress and immense pollution, we might be grappled with body hair woes. Since our schedules seem to get jam packed with every day, we might just become too lazy to go ahead with temporary hair removal treatments. Welcome to the world of laser hair removal Mumbai. With Dermatologist Mumbai, your search for perfect solutions for laser hair removal Mumbai ends.

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