Treatments for Brown Spots

Brown spots can appear on your face for a variety of reasons. Brown spots like freckles can appear because of genetic reasons and over exposure to the sun. Another skin spot is birthmark that up to now the cause is still unknown. Usually birthmarks appear soon after birth or generally at the skin at birth. If you are over exposed to the sun, age spots may develop because this is the skin’s reaction to sun exposure. All of these can affect the appearance of your skin, especially when they appear on the face. But with modern medicines and equipment that we have today, these problems can already be addressed by doctors to diminish the appearance of discoloration for clearer facial complexion. In fact, here are some dermatology treatments for brown spots.Dermatology Treatments for Brown Spots

Tip #1: Learning about Laser Treatment

Laser treatment is one of the most common treatments used today. This works by destroying the dark-pigment producing cells beneath the skin. Laser treatments do not affect the skin’s surface, unlike the dermabrasion treatment. Laser treatment can effectively remove dark spots like freckles, age spots and several types of birthmarks. Laser targets the melanin of the skin (the dark pigment of the skin). The treatment is best used for people with lighter skin.

Tip #2: Learning about Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is another kind of treatment for brown spots. This is used for the removal of skin discolorations through freezing with an agent such as liquid nitrogen. The freezing chemical is sprayed through the affected area causing a frostbite effect to occur. The skin will peel off after a week or two following treatment. This will be replaced by new and smoother skin underneath. This kind of treatment is often used to small group brown spots that appear on the skin. The treatment can sometimes be painful and can cause scarring.

Tip #3: Learning about Dermabrasion

Another kind of treatment available is the dermabrasion. This is a treatment that removes the surface of the skin through sanding with a small rotating instrument. The treated part of the skin forms a scab which peels away after 7 to 10 days. When the skin heals, new skin will appear, one that is firmer and smoother. The procedure can be done with sedation or local anesthesia if the area is localized like small spots of birthmark or age spots.

Tip #4: Learning about Chemical Peels

There are 3 kinds of chemical peels: the superficial, medium, and deep chemical peels. Solutions used for this treatment are glycolic acid or trichloroacetic acid to remove the superficial layers of the skin. This will improve the appearance of skin discolorations such as freckles, birthmarks, and age spots. The new skin that will come out is smoother and clearer and with less lines and wrinkles. The result will depend on the condition of the affected skin. For light peels, you may only need several treatments. Usually, you can already see the effect after a few weeks of treatment.

Tip #5: Learning about Dermatology Products

You should also know which products are available. Skin companies like Murad have dedicated the entire skin care lines to treat and remove brown spots. Ingredients in products for removing brown spots may include Vitamin C, hydroquinone, and alpha hydroxyl acids.

These are but some of your options when it comes to treating brown spots with dermatology treatments. If you have more than enough money to spend, you may resort to more expensive treatments. If not, then you may choose the cheaper ones.

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