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NI Medical Joins Innovators’ Network at American Heart Association Center for Health Technology & Innovation

American Heart Association consortium advances development of evidence-based health tech solutions.

NI Medical Joins Innovators’ Network at American Heart Association Center for Health Technology & Innovation
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TEL AVIV, Israel – November 3, 2022 – (

NI Medical, the inventors of NICaS, the non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring tool, has joined the American Heart Association Center for Health Technology & Innovation’s (the Center) Innovators’ Network. The Center is focused on building and fostering health technology relationships to develop innovative and scalable solutions.

The Innovators’ Network is a healthcare-focused technology consortium that connects entrepreneurs, providers, researchers and payers. Innovators’ Network members also have access to the Association’s digital guidelines, recommendations, and best-in-class science as they develop digital healthcare technologies. Members collaborate with the Center in different ways, including the building of models for clinical outcome studies, lowering the significant cost of developing those studies independently, helping connect the science to technology, and providing evidence that a digital platform improves healthcare outcomes – a key concern for providers and payers.

“The Center aims to advance the rapid, efficient, and effective development of healthcare technology,” said Robert A. Harrington, M.D., FAHA, past president of the American Heart Association (2019-2020), volunteer chair of the American Heart Association’s Health Tech Advisory Group for the Center and Arthur L. Bloomfield professor and chair department of medicine, Stanford University. “Joining the Innovators’ Network gives members the opportunity to leverage the consortium and work toward broadening and deepening their engagement in this arena.”

“Excited to become a part of this exceptional network and join forces to deliver our unique solution for heart failure and hypertension patients management,” says Eyal Karev, CEO of NI Medical.

About NI Medical

NI Medical joins the Innovators’ Network, bringing with them NICaS, a non-invasive, cost-effective and highly validated hemodynamic management solution.

NICaS is the only whole-body bioimpedance tool that has extensive clinical validation and accuracy capabilities equal to the gold standard (Thermodilution) with extremely high reproducibility. The solution’s greatness lies in its ability to provide the cause for the patient’s hemodynamic instability – and not only the symptom.

NI Medical presents significant expertise in bioimpedance technology globally. Having developed NICaS, the only whole-body noninvasive hemodynamic management solution, the company has been active globally and in the U.S. market for several years. The solution allows for improved personalized patient therapy, mainly in heart failure and hypertension disease management, as well as other chronic conditions. The solution is highly validated from technology, clinical and commercial perspectives.


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NI Medical Joins Innovators’ Network at American Heart Association Center for Health Technology & Innovation

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