Plain and simple, we don’t rush our services and we do not expect to be rushed by our clients. Here at Lux, we like to take our time with each and everyone of our clients. We provide the most superior and transparent service by fully educating our clients during the entire procedure so that they are aware of what to expect. Shaping your brows alone can take up to an hour depending on how much needs to be changed or corrected. The 2nd hour is for numbing (and we make sure to numb you very well!) And the actual procedure itself is 1.5 hours. We take into account that you are investing your time and your money on this procedure and that you’ve done research. Therefore, we feel that it’s only fair we take our time with you. 

Why can’t I bring my children to my appointment?

Safety is our biggest concern and because sharps and needles will be used during the procedures that we offer, we ask that no child be present during your treatment. We want to be able to give you the best service possible without having to worry about distractions.


We offer discounts on Microblading, PMU, and Microneedling to senior citizens over the age of 65. And we also hold promotions throughout the year for various treatments. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram to make sure you never miss a promotion!

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