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Here at Lux, our hearts are big believers in quality over quantity.

Since we have moved into our new location in the heart of the Maples and Garden City area, we have received an overwhelming response, not only from our old and new clients, but also from the community. We are so very thankful to have received an abundance of support from everyone who walks in through our doors, and this makes up the biggest part of the reason as to why we have chosen to offer our aesthetic services exclusively by appointment.

The nature of our services calls for a lot of time spent with our clients. Microblading alone takes 3.5 hours to complete. We like to use this time effectively by educating our clients on proper aftercare as well as what to expect during and after the procedure. We are not your typical high-volume salon or beauty shop that wants clients quickly in and outthat is simply not what we are about. Our goal is to have the happiest clients by providing them with quality service and work that stands out from the rest. We want you to always remember who we are and how well we took care of you. And we would also like to be remembered as the Specialists who took their time and made sure that everything was at least close to perfect, and never rushed.

Beauty should never be rushed.

With that said, we are keeping our books strictly to a maximum of three to four clients per day per Specialist. This will ensure that each and everyone of our clients will be given the highest level of attention and service. Because at the end of the work day, what matters most is that we made our clients happy and that they know that we are the most genuine and caring in the beauty industry. We love what we do and we want you to know that! Again, thank you for all of the love and support!

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