Allow us to get your skin back to its healthy state! Our Certified Medical Aestheticians will ensure to educate you and answer all of your questions so that you can make informed decisions as to which types of these treatments and procedures would be best to combat your skin problem. We all have our own set of insecurities, your skin doesn’t have to be one of them. With the right treatment plan, we can help your skin get glowing again! Call us today to book a consultation!

Phototherapy, also known as LED Light Therapy, is used and trusted by the likes of NASA and in the medical field to fast track wound healing, treat and prevent pain and discomfort associated with cancer treatments, bone-marrow transplants, joint pain, etc.

This innovative technology immerses your skin in light and helps to achieve a healthy and glowing complexion in just one sitting. The light therapy facial mask is based on various wavelengths of the light spectrum ranging from red and purple to blue. These specific light waves have different effects on your skin. They permeate the extracellular matrix of the connective tissue where they reduce the depletion of elastin and increase the production of collagen. They also help increase the supply of oxygen to the cell, thus improving metabolism and blood circulation. The skin is tightened, pores are reduced and the general skin appearance improved. Even the healing of scar tissue is accelerated due to the stimulation of regenerative processes.

Promote skin repair and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars, stretch marks with the complete Dermaroller® Collagen Induction Therapy Professional & Home Care System. Dermaroller® micro-needling equipment is the only dermaroller machine licensed and appoved by Health Canada. It’s clinically proven, precision-manufactured, medical-grade technology, available to aesthetic professionals throughout Canada.

The benefits of micro-needling include a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles leading to younger, healthy-looking skin with fewer signs of aging.  Micro-needling also has a positive effect on the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, hypo-pigmentation, acne scars, traumatic scars and stretch marks and generally creates a fresher appearance or glow to the skin.

New this September 2018! Due to popular demand, we now offer four tiers of facials; tailored to your skin’s problems and needs. Choose from our Essential Mini Facial to combat dullness and help bring your skin back to life, to our +DeLUX Facial for skin problems that needs a bit more love and attention. 

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